Easy to sell transport online with Ship&Co payment solution

We are aware that the transactional part is often complex, so we have designed the Ship&Co payment solution. Don’t worry about it anymore, invoice your customers from our API including your commercial margin.
Payment solution integration

No more contraints to sell transport online

Immediate access
Once connected, start selling transport online, with no set-up time.
Cancellation & refund
Your customers are connected directly with our partners to precede refunds.
Don't be worried about anything, we take care of the collection for your customers.
Payment summary

Accept card from your customers

Avoiding slow connection times for payment solutions. When you connect transport operators with our API, our payment solution is available. You just have to activate the functionality on your product.

+135 currencies accepted

Offer your customers the best experience by providing the payment solutions they want. We support most payment card providers. Every transaction is protected by a payment security system to protect you and your customers’ data.