Mobility platform for
hotel booking platform_

Traveller experience is your priority, connected to ground transport actors, you are able to propose solutions to reach your establishments.

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Why Ship&Co

Take the ride to make your customer experience complete

Innovative traveller experience

In addition to their room reservation, your customers can have their luggage delivered or use any means of transport from your interface.

The BEST additionnal service

Upsell without additionnal marketing costs, your customer’s shopping cart will be (much) more interesting.

Measure CO2 emissions

Our software allows you to calculate the CO2 generated by your users When using your mobility platform. At any time, you are able to compare and export the data.

Turnkey solution

A unique partner giving access to
transport actors

Mobility platform for hotel booking platform

Easy to integrate

Our technology adapts to any structure

Our software has been designed for white label integration with our partners. Whatever technology you use, we adapt it to your system.

computer code

Option 1:

Development of your platform thanks to our interfaces

Enable the implamentation of a white label booking interface that can be deployed in a few weeks.

Option 2:

Integrate our mobility API

The Ship&Co API provides access to all the mobility actots referenced directly on your interface.

Get a video demo link

We send you a demo link of our software in video.

They're trusting us

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