Mobility platform for
travel agency_

Missing links to manage the totality of your customer’s experience, now you are connected with ground transport players of each city.

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Why Ship&Co ?

A single interface to manage all journeys

Home to Home

With our technology, you are able to manage all of your clients’ travel needs from their home to their destination.

Additionnal revenues

Increase the average basket of your customers while developing their satisfaction and therefore their loyalty.

Interconnect your partners

Our technology is flexible and allows you to enhance your partners in order to create a global travel platform.

Turnkey solution

A single partner that aggregates
transport solutions

Mobility platform for travel agency

Easy to integrate

Our technology adapts to any structure

Our software has been designed for white label integration with our partners. Whatever technology you use, we adapt to your system.

computer code
Pilot operations

Supplied with a SaaS

Admin interface to manage customer requests

A personal access where you can configure your platform and manage your activity. Your customers are listed in the database allowing you to book services online, monitor the progress of operations and invoice.

Option 1:

Development of your platform thanks to our interfaces

Enable the implamentation of a white label booking interface that can be deployed in a few weeks.

Option 2:

Integrate our mobility API

The Ship&Co API provides access to all the mobility actots referenced directly on your interface.

Get a video demo link

We send you a demo link of our software in video.

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